What Is A Mortgage Deficiency Judgment?

A deficiency judgment on a foreclosure is a court order making the debtor personally liable for the outstanding debt of a home mortgage. A lender can also initiate action against a debtor in a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

After the mortgage crisis, one gentleman came in and had a judgment of almost $200,000 against him. I don't think this will be uncommon, since Florida in.

In most states, lenders can sue borrowers to recover the deficiency. If the court awards the lender a deficiency judgment, the lender can use the judgment to garnish the borrower’s wages or freeze the borrower’s bank accounts until the deficiency judgment is paid off. Are Deficiency Lawsuits Allowed in Your State? The laws governing deficiency judgments vary from state to state. Some states give lenders an unfettered right to seek deficiency judgments after a foreclosure sale.

Loan originators must be individually licensed and the mortgage company must sponsor the license. Companies that want to offer mortgage loans in Oregon must obtain a license through the division.

(c) Any party to a mortgage foreclosure who has moved for an appraisal of property for the purpose of obtaining a deficiency judgment, but has not been granted a deficiency judgment, or has not received full satisfaction of any deficiency judgment obtained subsequent to the filing of such motion, may make a motion to the court for a deficiency judgment as set forth in subsection (a) of this section.

Master’s Sale 2019-CP-10-00238 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, COUNTY OF CHARLESTON: IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Mr. Cooper. SC 29455 No personal or deficiency judgment.

The result was a foreclosure hangover that homeowners rarely anticipate but increasingly face: a "deficiency judgment." Forty-one states and the District of Columbia permit lenders to sue borrowers.

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After the Foreclosure: Deficiency Judgments and Taxes If you are facing foreclosure, or have lost your home through foreclosure, you might still owe your mortgage lender money after the sale. This happens if the foreclosure sale price is less than the amount remaining on your mortgage – it’s called a "deficiency."

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